Industrial & Military Gauges

Industrial & Military Gauges

From lawn mowers to mining vehicles, engine instrumentation to agricultural equipment, we offer a range of industrial gauges for heavy-duty, extreme use.

We also serve as the primary manufacturer of instrumentation for military vehicles. We currently manufacture virtually all of the instrumentation for military vehicles including the HMMWV, various Armored Personnel Carriers and the Abrams and M-1 Tank.

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Customized Solutions

Our in-house, innovative product design and development, component manufacturing, and instrument assembly positions us to respond quickly to the market’s needs. If your application needs a customized solution, reach out to us for high-quality, dependable industrial and military gauges.

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Custom Options

  • Backlit dials
  • Edge-lit dials
  • Painted graphics
  • Metal, stainless steel, brushed aluminum or plastic

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