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2″ Variable Frequency Tachometer

2″ Variable Frequency Tachometer

This 2-inch Tachometer connects to the Alternator signal. The tachometer has four range selections for rough calibration and an adjustment potentiometer for fine adjustment. The use of DIP switches on the back of this tachometer allows a rough calibration selection for the desired frequency.

Overview of Features:

  • Dial: Custom styles available

  • Pointer: Contoured, Painted

  • Lens: Flat Glass

  • Bezel: Painted Aluminum

  • Backlighting: Perimeter Lit Dial with LEDs

  • Lights turn on when power is applied.

  • Signal Input: Alternator / Magnetic Pick Up Input

  • Min. Frequency: 400 Hz.

  • Max. Frequency: 1600 Hz.

  • Wire Termination: Blade Terminals

The 2-inch Variable Frequency Alternator Tachometer can be used in 24 VDC systems with the use of an adaptor that connects between the 24 VDC ignition system and the tachometer.

Gauge Sizes Available:

2″ – Hole size: 2.0625″ (53mm)

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