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J1939 – Tell-Tale – 30 Icon Indicator

J1939 – Tell-Tale – 30 Icon Indicator

This CAN based product complements MG3000™ and the NexSysLink® instrument systems by providing thirty LED illuminated operator alert tell-tales along with an audible alarm to alert users to multiple fault conditions. The alert panel directly reads and processes SAE J-1939 compliant CAN messages, serial data from any NexSysLink Master Node Instrument and up to ten factory configurable discrete inputs switched either high or low to activate the tell-tales and/or audible alarm.

Overview of Features:

  • Environmentally sealed connectors

  • Custom icon configurations available

  • Up to ten discrete inputs switched either high or low

  • SAE J-1939 CAN protocol support

  • Connects seamlessly with the MG3000 and NexSysLink MNI instruments

  • Bright LED illuminated tell-tales

  • Built in audible alarm and switched output

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