Electronics Manufacturing

At Riverside Mfg., LLC, we specialize in all aspects of harsh environment electronics manufacturing. From PCB’s to controllers and everything in between, Riverside has the capabilities and expertise to manufacture any PCB assembly and electronic that comes our way. Many of the products and PCB’s we manufacture are designed by our in-house engineering team. In addition to this, we also specialize in build to print assemblies of product & PCB’s for many industries ranging from lawn mowers to delivery vehicles.

PCB Assembly

  • Fort Wayne
    □ 3 SMT lines for redundancy and capacity
  • Chesterfield
    □ 2 SMT lines for redundancy and capacity
    □ 2 selective solder machines
  • 100% Automated optical inspection (AOI) at each smt line
  • Assembly of boards up to 18″ x 24″
  • Traceability and prevention of setup errors
  • Intrusive re-flow and selective wave solder
  • Ancillary, off-line equipment includes: X-ray, IR/Hot-Air rework station, Automated Paste Mixer, U-Sonic Stencil Cleaner
  • Potting available to ensure product’s durability in the harshest environments
PCB assembly
smt line

Electronics Manufacturing

  • Highly skilled and trained employees
    □ IPC-J-STD trained staff for assembly
    □ IPC-610 trained staff for inspection
  • High-level assemblies; electromechanical and full system integration
  • Cellular manufacturing for final product assembly
  • Extensive final product testing and validation

Multiple Manufacturing Sites

With highly skilled and trained employees at two locations (Fort Wayne, IN & Chesterfield, MI) Riverside has the capacity and flexibility to take on any job that comes our way while also insuring the highest quality PCB’s and electronics.


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