Industrial and Military Gauges

2″ – Pressure Gauge

2″ – Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge operates by sending a low amperage current through the gauges’s meter to ground via a sending unit with variable resistance. The resistance of the sending units increase or decrease with the changes in pressure, temperature, etc. As the sender’s resistance varies, the amount of current allowed to flow through it to ground changes and the meter deflects, showing the change in pressure. Available for MG systems, J1939 CAN Bus or J1939 Stand-Alone systems and mechanical types.

Performance Tips:

  • Late model cars – Many late model car’s stock sending units send information to computerized vehicle/engine control systems. Use of “Ts” or separate locations for pressure and/or temperature senders may be required. Ask your dealer or mechanic before ordering.

Overview of Features:

  • Requires an 240 Ohm sender

Gauge Sizes Available
2″ – Hole size: 2.0625″ (53mm)

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