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J1939 – Universal Control Enclosure

J1939 – Universal Control Enclosure

Designed to SAE specifications for Dust, Vibration and Water intrusion, the snap-in instruments are easy to install with a push-in case manufactured in the USA. No back clamp, washers, nuts or tools are required to install these gauges into your panel.

Overview of Features:

  • Analog Input for Fuel Level

  • Analog Input for Engine Oil Pressure

  • User configurable engine speed limits

  • Programmable throttle operation

  • Engine Maintenance Interval

  • SAE J1939 compatible throttle control

  • SAE J1939 compatible Diagnostics

  • RGB LED backlighting multi-color display lighting

  • Multi Language Support

  • Remote Engine Shutdown

  • Audible and Visual Alarms

  • Inputs:

    • J1939 Engine Data

    • Oil Pressure

    • Fuel Level

    • Remote Engine Stop

For use in electronically governed engines.

Gauge Sizes Available:

4″ – Hole size: 3.375″ (85mm)

5″ – Hole size: 4.375″ (112mm)

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