Industrial and Military Gauges

J1939 – MG1000

J1939 – MG1000

The MG1000 is the stepping stone of digital instrumentation. This innovative digital gauge system requires no LCD’s, no system initialization, no menu setups and no user manual interaction for use—ever! Just install and go.

Overview of Features:

  • Can be directly connected to J1939 CAN Bus systems

  • “Daisy Chain” connections, add additional features, connect the MG3000 with the same harness

  • NMEA0183 input for GPS Speed

  • A single Tachometer can monitor up to 4 analog signals

  • Utilizes both analog and digital inputs to reduce system cost

  • Stepper motor gauges (for greater accuracy and durability)

  • Deutsch and Packard water tight connectors

  • LED lighting is standard

  • Custom cosmetic options upon request

  • Multiple, 5 – 4 – 2 inch discrete instruments are available

Specifically designed to work with the leading engine manufacturers. Dial scales and styles can be customized for OEM volume orders.

Gauge Sizes Available:

2″ – Hole size: 2.0625″ (53mm)

4″ – Hole size: 3.375″ (85mm)

5″ – Hole size: 4.375″ (112mm)

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