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Keyless vehicle access puts control and safety at the driver’s fingertips. Customize your keyless entry system with seamless locking, unlocking, and remote start capabilities. We specialize in RF, RFID and Passive Entry systems for harsh environment vehicles.

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RF System – MFES

Suitable for harsh environment vehicles, including work trucks, cargo vans and more.

The RF keyless system was designed for convenience and simplicity. Using this system, drivers can unlock any door with just the push of a button. A single remote on the RF system can be programmed to an unlimited number of vehicles. Each FOB is operated by a CR2032 coin cell battery.

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Up to 50ft unlocking range

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5,000,000 remote cycle switch life

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USB drive for field updates

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Program up to 16 remotes on a single system

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18-month battery life (minimum, 700 activations/day)

Modular Vehicle Access System – MVAS

Suitable for many harsh environment applications, including cargo vans, delivery trucks and others.

MVAS is one of the quickest, easiest systems for a driver to unlock, enter and start a vehicle. With a simple swipe of a keycard or RFID wristband across the access module, the driver can unlock the door. Once inside, the driver swipes their keycard or wristband across the RFID target on the control module, pushes the start button and they’re ready to go.

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Customizable functionality (unlock compartments, unlock all or select doors)

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Enroll up to 15 keycards

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Keyless start and stop

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Full electrical control of all compartments and doors

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