• Gesture control

  • Transreflective, backlit screen

  • Visual/audible warnings

  • 50 hours of data logging

  • Durable, water resistant design

  • Drop-in replacement for CDR 357

  • Size:  6.3"L x 3.8"W x 2.3"D

  • Output current rating :           
            1200A peak current
             225A continuous at 85°C
             ​275A continuous at 75°C

  • Selectable 1 to 30 minute shut-down delay OFF timer

  • Loss of ground and faulty ground protection

  • Low voltage shut down < 8VDC

  • Rapid ON/OFF cycling prevention protection

  • Panel Size: 5.34"W x 2.81" L

  • Power Distrib. Size: 6"W x 4.3"L 

  • Six 20A outputs

  • <.5 mA quiescent current draw

  • User programmable outputs

  • Interlock programming

  • Speaker and brightness control 

  • Built-in warnings and alerts

Vehicle Power Distribution
Industrial, digital slope gauge that displays pitch, roll, slope, and/or grade while storing up to 50 hours of  data
Heavy duty, automatic battery disconnect switch
 Power distribution system provides control over vehicle loads
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Industrial Electronics

Ambulance Battery Disconnect
Available Online At:

Titan Flash

Solid state, long-lasting electromechanical flasher
Available Online At: 
  • Two 10A work loads
  • 5 terminal wig wag or 3 terminal flashers

Medical Diode Isolator

Protects medical device batteries from transient overload damage
  • Rated for 20A of current

  • Isolates the medical load from the ambulance module power 

Latching Relay Module

  • Rugged and solid state design
  • Two separate relays can be controlled independently
  • Relays handle up to 30A
  • Reduces electrical wiring and shortens installation time

Viewmaster 500 Series

Display for digital ammeter and/or voltmeter

Hall Effect Current Sensor (HECS)

Measures current flow through the cable by detecting its magnetic field without altering OEM battery cables.
Available Online At:
  • Ideal for analog or digital meters
  • Accepts up to 1” cable
  • Available types: 200A & 300A

Taillight Converter

Enables use of US taillights on overseas-built chassis
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Digital Hourmeter

Durable, panel mounted hourmeter
  • Weather resistant
  • Compact and convenient mounting 
  • Operating temp range: -40°C - 66°C
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