heavy duty battery disconnect switch

CDR 400

ambulance battery disconnect

CDR 400 is the latest and greatest product within Riverside's Commander series. It is a drop-in replacement for 
Riverside's previous heavy duty battery disconnect switch, the CDR 357.  The CDR 400 is able to sustain 225A 
continuous at 85°C and 275A at 75°C. The CDR 400's built-in, selectable ignition interlock protects the vehicle’s 
alternator by preventing accidental disconnecting of loads while the engine is running. By combining the ignition 
interlock with the user selectable timed shutdown delay OFF timer, the CDR 400 protects the vehicle's battery 
against accidental excessive discharge from leaving lights or other systems on after the vehicle is parked. 

   - Overall Size: 6.375”L x 3.875”W x 2.5”H

   - Operating Voltage: 9-18VDC

   - Off-State Current Draw: 6.5mA

   - Output Current Rating:
                               - 1200A peak current

                               - 225A continuous at 85°C
                               - 275A continuous at 75°C

   - ON Resistance: 0.00022 Ohm

   - Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C

   - Environmental: IP67

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Install Guide
   - Selectable 1 to 30 minute Shut-Down Delay       OFF timer
   - Loss of ground and faulty ground protection
   - Low voltage shut down < 8VDC
   - Controlled ramp ON and OFF
   - Rapid ON/OFF cycling prevention protection
   - System ON LED and override LED indication
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