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TouchTek Gen 4 is the new and improved version of Riverside's TouchTek power distribution system. It consists of a six‐button control panel and an I/O Control module. The outputs can be programmed to be latched or for momentary operation. There are built in warnings and alerts to notify the user of potential error conditions within their system. Also, inputs allow for interlock programming (ignition, neutral, brake, and gun lock timer).

- Six 20A outputs
- <.5 mA quiescent current draw
- User programmable outputs
- Interlock programming
- Speaker / lighting control options
- Built in warnings / alerts

- Operating temp range: ‐40°C to 80°C

- Environmental sealing: IP50

- Operating voltage: 8 – 16VDC

- Current consumption: 500mA 

- Protection:

   - Reverse polarity

   - Back feed

   - Under/over voltage

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For more information on installation & setup, check out the video below!