Slope Sensor

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Slope Sensor is the latest and greatest addition to the slope indicator market today. This low-cost, feature packed product has many of the same great features as Riverside's MPIC-Slope. Slope Sensor is the perfect solution for those inaccurate "bubble" indicators used in the work truck market. Users can calibrate Slope Sensor at the OEM level or out in the field. Slope Sensor is capable of logging the last 50 hours of usage data. Slope Sensor also has outputs ready to go for visual and audible warnings to notify the user when approaching, at or passed the warning set point for their vehicle/application.


- Operating temp.: -30°C to 75°C
- Operating voltage: 8VDC to 24VDC
- Current draw: <100mA
- Environmental rating: IP69
- Protection:
      - Reverse polarity
      - Backfeed
      - Under/over voltage
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- 50 hours of data logging
- Visual & audible warning with dedicated outputs for each
- Calibration can be done at OEM level or out in the field
- Optional shut down of vehicle/equipment when max slope is exceeded


Optional LED Indicator

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