Durable Nameplates & Labels


Your nameplates and labels project your identity. Riverside Mfg. can provide durable nameplate designs and labeling constructions that reflect the care and pride you put in all of your products. Our durable products are suitable for corporate branding and product identification in applications such as: material handling, food service equipment, power equipment, hand tools, lawn & garden equipment, elevators, escalators, medical equipment, emergency response vehicles, and other equipment used in tough environments.


Riverside designs and manufactures a wide array of durable nameplates and labels including: safety & warning, instructional, compliance & regulatory, and branding plates and labels.


We can print on metals and polymers using standard colors, custom matched colors, or specialty inks. Our durable nameplates and labels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. We build our nameplates to last regardless of the weather, temperature, abrasion, or exposure to harsh chemicals.


Riverside works with a wide variety of materials to satisfy our customers' diverse uses and service environments. Evaluate the following variables when considering specific applications and requirements:

  • Surface to which your product will adhere

  • Temperature range the product will endure

  • Environmental conditions surrounding the part's use

  • Expected life span of the product

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